Wlasta Laura (b. 22/10/1994, Znojmo) is a visual creative who is using photographic processes and images to realize her ideas. She is focused on photography, drawing, writing and video.
She tries to find and explain her identity which is formed by multiple and various ethnic ancestors she comes from. She likes to play with hidden symbols, metaphors and narratives. Laura is balancing between the European and Middle-Eastern culture, between the world of girls and women.  
2018-2022 Institut of Creative Photography, Silesian University
2017-2019 Masaryk University - Arts Management, MA
2014–2017 Masaryk University – Film and Audiovisual Culture Studies, BA 
2015,  Jamais Vu, Czech Republic
2017,  Children,  Czech Republic
2020,  Only the Wind Whispering, Israel
2020 - 2021,  Only the Wind Whispering, Czech Centre and Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel 
2016,  F! Festival fotografie, Czech Republic
2016,  Trojský element,  Czech Republic 
2017 - 2018, Industria, Czech Republic
2017,   F!Festival fotografie, Czech Republic
2017,  Fotoateliér Mikulov, Czech Republic
2018, Photogenia, Czech Republic 
2019, Deziluze Prague festival, Czech Republic
2021, BOOKi, Only the Wind Whispering book, Poland 
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