only the wind whispering


It was happening, they gave me a uniform, which was much bigger than my actual size. They showed me the tiniest room with 4 bunk beds without functional air conditioning and told me this is going to be my home for the next few weeks or months. It was August 2019 and the air in Israel was so warm. I imagined that this is the feeling you get when you visit India for the first time. My friend once told me the air in India is as warm as the air in a sauna. But I´ve never been to India, and right now I was wearing an Israeli Army uniform and standing in a base situated in the middle of nowhere, far away from the civilization. 

But I felt happy.

I ran away from the society I didn´t feel well in that time. I ran away from Brno where I could not breathe freely because of my recent break up. I left everything behind me in the Czech Republic and joined a volunteer program in IDF (Israel Defence Forces). I had been thinking many years about it, but did not have enough courage to actually do it - until that moment.