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Krova octa means a kind of chidren game in moravian-croatian language. Have you ever heard about Moravian Croats? The ancestors of the Moravian Croats arrived during the sixteenth century from central Croatia, fleeing before the Turkish invasion. They stayed in the south Moravia because this land  reminded them their own home, sunny Croatia. Moravian Croats used to live near Mikulov, they kept their own habits and traditions, style of clothes, language until the year 1945. With the come of communist government Croats started to be inconvinient for the regime. The forced assimilation of the Croats was conducted (1946-1950) when the Croatian community in the above mentioned villages was forcibly displaced in as many as 118 different localities in the former Czechoslovakia. Their property was confiscated and their gatherings were forbidden. Starting with 1989 Croatian community members began to gather again. Since that they meet each other again regularly once a year.

I am Moravian Croat. And these photographs show the atmosphere I feel among us.